How do we do that? To identify, understand, transform and then: change.

We perceive the present with strong beliefs reinforced by our experiences and social conditioning.

So, I propose to help question the obvious, accompany you to arrive at an understanding… and put recurrent thinking and convictions in perspective. This is an important part of what we do together. The other part is the change. Understanding is necessary but sometimes it is not enough because habits are difficult to leave behind, even when their effects are negative. Training ourselves to practice this concretely is required, I am here to accompany you in that journey with gentleness, listening and honesty. That is our “partnership”.

Here is an important principle: we all have the ability to understand ourselves. Complex ideas can be exchanged with simple words and clear intention. My practice has always been accessible, simple and free from the pressure of social normality, so feel free come as you are without any judgement. I welcome diversity and also speak English, French and Arabic.



We are permanently “travelling in space and time in the vassal of our thoughts”. The past and the future absorb and burn energy. The “here” and “now” must occupy their legitimate space our minds and in our lives, it is a condition of fulfilment.

I will accompany you to initiate and pursue well-being.

Mental and emotional patterns are permanently impacting human experiences. To know and understand them is necessary to precipitate positive change.

Life is fluid, adaptation and change are possible.

Give yourself the means to recognise and transform.