I come from a multicultural background. I lived in North Africa until my twenties, studied psychology in France and worked there as a counsellor for 14 years. I settled in Cork in 2016 after numerous visits and travels in Ireland.

I’ve always been interested in how people’s well-being can be affected by their thoughts and experiences. After experiencing the dangers of civil war and repression, I learned that safety allows rich and peaceful fulfilment, and this is what I want to promote in my commitment. I currently work at The Natural Clinic in Cork City. 


During my career, I have worked with people from many different social and cultural backgrounds. As well as my master’s degree, I undertook seminars and private courses to enhance my knowledge.

I’m inspired by integrative, social, cross-cultural, behavioural and positive psychology. I experienced mindfulness, TAT, EFT, NLP, hypnotherapy…

These approaches taught me to have a multidimensional conception of people while focussing on the present.

The experience of living can imply a lack of self-esteem and confidence. We may experience depression, anxiety, conflicts, separation and loss, mourning, moving, accidents, decision making, mental and emotional exhaustion, hypersensitivity, addictions, obsessions, violence…etc… There is a common element to these human hardships: the change they demand from us.